June 30

How to Choose Floor Paper?

Floor paper is a kind of decoration that is laid on the ground. Floor paper is also called a floor. It can be laid indoors or outdoors. There are many patterns on floor paper, and the specifications are generally divided. Floor paper is also called plastic roll material. It is mainly used on the floor. It is a kind of decoration paper that can be used for external packaging of the floor. Floor paper can only protect the floor. Do you know how to choose a floor paper? Now the Decorative Paper Manufacturer will take a look at the floor paper selection techniques.

Wood Grain Decorative Paper

Wood Grain Decorative Paper

1. Size

The roll floor has two widths of 1800mm and 2000mm; the total thickness (referring to the three parts of the base material, the middle layer and the surface wear layer) is divided into two sizes of 1mm and 2mm; the length of each roll of floor paper is 20m and 30m. Other specifications and dimensions can be negotiated between the supplier and the buyer. Because of the production requirements, each roll of floor paper is divided into several sections (the patterns between each two sections are misaligned), so a roll of floor paper with sections should indicate the length of the small section, and the length of the roll of floor paper should be Increase at least 20cm (that is, no less than two complete patterns). Generally, there can only be one section for high-quality products. The number of sections per roll for first-class and qualified products does not exceed 2; the length of each section for first-class products is not less than 6m, and the length of each section for qualified products is not less than 4m.

2.Appearance quality

When inspecting the appearance quality of plastic floor paper, it should be under diffused sunlight or fluorescent lamp, the illuminance is (100±20)lx, the distance from the tested sample is lm, and the inspection should be done by oblique visual inspection. First observe whether there are cracks, fractures and delamination on the surface of the floor paper, and if there are any, the floor paper can be judged as unqualified. The second step is to observe whether there are wrinkle marks, bubble pollution spots and pattern deformation. The ones that are not observed are first-class and first-class products; those that are but very slight and not obvious are regarded as qualified; the third step is to observe whether there is any surface of the floor paper Those with missing patterns, whether there are defects in the transparent wear-resistant film on the surface, those with no surface are considered high-quality products and first-class products, those with small missing prints or missing films are qualified products, otherwise they are unqualified products. Finally, carefully check the surface for multi-color overprinting for deviations, whether there are color differences in different parts, and uneven quality products have the above two defects, and those that are not obvious are first-class products, which clearly have the above defects but do not affect the overall appearance The judgement is qualified product. Finally, based on the above judgments, the appearance quality of the floor paper is determined.

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