May 17

Are Floor Decorative Paper Durable?

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Do you all know about floor stickers? Sticking floor stickers directly on the floor or ceramic tiles can save a lot of expenses and material costs. Of course, you need to know some common sense about floor stickers in advance, for example, are the floor stickers durable? , Is the quality good or not? What is the lifespan and price of the floor sticker? After understanding these contents, we can see whether to choose a decoration material such as floor sticker. Let's take a look at the relevant contents and let everyone know about these little common sense.

Decorative Paper

Decorative Paper

Are the floor Decorative Paper durable?

The floor sticker has a strong anti-slip property, and the rain will be astringent. This is very safe for the elderly and the elderly at home, and can prevent the elderly and children from slipping and falling. The installation of floor stickers is also simple and convenient. Because its thickness is only 2-3mm, the weight per flat is only 2-3kg, and there is no ordinary ceramic tile material 10%, which can reduce the load-bearing of the building and save space, so its advantages are that other materials cannot Comparison of.

When the floor sticker is produced, a special transparent material processed by high-tech is added to the surface. This material has a wear-resistant layer with a relatively strong wear-resistant coefficient, which is more wear-resistant than many floor materials. This greatly increases its service life. Generally, it is no problem to use it for more than 20 years, so you can use it with confidence if you want to buy a floor sticker.

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